I want to start by saying cars are awesome. They are more than a necsessity for driving to work, school or getting grocerys.   For many of us they are a source of pride and joy.  For most of us they are an investment that has are necessary and even help us express who we are as people. Yet I think the thing that most of us asscoiate with purchasing a car is car loans.

Historically you would go to a lender to get a car loan.  But in the modern world where car loans have become as common as cars is it really practical to need to go through a “middleman” lender?  The answer is no.  That’s what the new Cars and Loans Dealerships are all about, getting a car and a loan in one easy step.

So I welcome you to the opening of the latest location of Cars and Loans.   We hope that in opening a location here we will be able to meet the demands of customers that have a need for the cars and loans we offer. 

With the opening of this new location it will be more convenient for you to stop in for purchasing and routine maintenance of your vehicle.  With over twenty staff members who are all experts in their field, we are prepared to serve you.

In fact, today is all about beginning to serve you. It is a day for celebration and I am very glad you have chosen to celebrate with us so help yourself to some free beer, pizza and chicken wings.  In addition, we have printed a brochure outlining our services and each one has a been printed with a survey section where you can give us some information about yourself and your buying preferences. By filling out the survey you will be qualified for a drawing where the lucky winner will win a new Hundai Sonata.

Thank you for coming out to our grand opening.  We hope to see you here again soon.  Remember, whether you need a part, routime maintenance or a brand new car make Cars and Loans your first choice.